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Birthdate:Mar 1
I'm a Demophobic Bibliophile, learning to come out of my shell.

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1st march, adipose, alyson hannigan, amber benson, arthur weasley, arthur/molly, bbc, best mates, big bang theory, bill/fleur, bingo, blackadder, bones, books, brian kinney, british scifi, buffy, captain jack harkness, casanova, cats, charlie weasley, cheese, cherrybomb, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, chuck, crossovers, david tennant, david tennant wearing glasses, david thewlis, dean thomas, december boys, diversity, doctor who, dogs, dollhouse, dr who, dr. who, dresden files, driving lessons, dvd commentaries, enchanted forest chronicles, equal rights, ewan mcgregor, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fic-by-maple, fifth element, ford anglias, freckles, fred weasley, free speech, friendship, fry and laurie, functional multiplicity, gale harold, gareth david-lloyd, gay marriage, george weasley, ginny weasley, gryffindor boys, hal sparks, harry potter, harry/ginny, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, hermione, hestia/regulus, hms padlock, hogwarts, how i met your mother, hp, hp trio, hp_sun_n_shadow, ianto jones, indiana jones, jack/ianto, james/clio, jk rowling, john barrowman, joss whedon, karaoke, kittens, knitting, life, luke/malachy, margaret mahy, margaritas, mary stewart, minor canon characters, model avatars for rpg, molly weasley, monty python, mythology, ncis, neville longbottom, oliver wood, owen harper, princess bride, qaf, queer, queer as folk, quidditch, reading, redheads, regulus/hestia, remus/lily, richard hammond, ron weasley, ron weasley's arse, ron's arse, ron/harry, ron/hermione, ron/ten, ron/the doctor, roonil wazlib, rpg, rupert grint, rupert grint's arse, same sex marriage, science fiction, sewing, sirius/clio, sirius/stella, solstice muse, star wars, stephen fry, tamora pierce, terminator, that 70's show, the beatles, the doctor, the princess bride, the-love-that-dare-not-speak-its-neigh, tolkien, top gear, torchwood, trio, weasleys, wild target, writing, x-men
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